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Tori Mock '19

Tori Mock

Tori Mock '19, an interdisciplinary studies major with concentrations in business, psychology, and multimedia, plans to open her own insurance agency, specializing in Medicare, retirement, and financial consulting. "McMurry is a very friendly and welcoming place. My teachers have been more than accommodating in the times I have had to bring my children with me to class. My advisor has been awesome too. As life has changed and I have made changes, she has been so helpful in listening to what I wanted to do, making suggestions, and helping me choose the right degree that will fit perfectly into my goals for the future."

In a letter thanking the donors of her scholarship, Tori said, "I was excited when I learned that I am receiving this scholarship this year. It has been so helpful in covering extra costs that come with college. Right now, I am balancing work and school as a single parent with four children. For me, being able to finish my degree and take care of them is a tremendous task to take on. In the end, I know all the struggles will be worth it and will set a good example for my girls. I want them to grow up knowing that anything is possible. This scholarship is a blessing for me and my family, and I appreciate receiving it more than words can express!!"