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Cassandra Munoz '18

Cassandra Munoz

As a non-traditional student, Cassandra Munoz '18, a double major in English and political science, was very reluctant to return to school. Because Munoz had been out of practice in going to school on the regular basis, the faculty and staff welcomed her with open arms and have encouraged and guided her to where she now stands ready to graduate.

"Maya Angelou once said that 'there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.' I cannot begin to explain how appreciative and thankful I am for having received the Bynum and Barbara Miers Endowed Scholarship. With the scholarship, I am able to continue my education and tell my story in hopes that one day I can return this amazing deed to someone else like me. My inspiration will always be to help others after me because of this scholarship and McMurry."